Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hot in August

Unseasonably warm weather this winter - better look after my skin... Ah, mum's back is turned, I'll use the entire tub of zinc cream, that should do it.

Still the middle of winter, but I need a noonday cooler.

Who's that cheeky person pointing at me?

Waiting for friends to show up for a playdate.... Thanks, Ellen, for the groovy lil dress!

Ooh, the warm weather has brought out the pythons too... hope she's not hungry for toddlers!


finisterre said...

i love the zinc cream - obviously good taken internally as well as rubbed onto the skin!

Jay said...

This was the 3rd one-litre tub she went through in one go. After this we got wise and started getting the 200 gramme tubes. If I wasn't too lazy to put up shelves I guess we could store it out of reach.