Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Long, Hot Summer

Goanna big. Me small. And not tasty. Honest.

Camping tanty V2.0

'Nuff waterworks. Time for waterfall.

So beautiful.

Swimming in a creek with Fran. They say there's no crocs this far South. Yet.

Sheep doesn't care about the view.

Ballina beach time.

Slip, slop, slap & wrap.

Dad's had his coffee then.

The Mecca Betty Boo in Lismore is bigger than me. For now.

I spy babycino.

Great-grandma Margaret sent me this cool outfit all the way from England. Thanks, great-grandma!

Xmas elf.

Hell yeah. Rain is great on your tongue, especially after your boots fill up.

Now, this is MY birthday party, y'all, so I'll be taking those hats...

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